Helping Others

Doing Good

True to the philanthropic antecedent of our founder, Elin Group believes it has a duty to act in the best interests and growth of the operating environment and society as a whole. As a result, since its founding Elin Group has been committed to empowering its immediate communities with programs and initiatives targeted at reducing poverty and improving the quality of life of its host communities.

The desire to promote the welfare of others is at the core of our founding values. Wherever we operate, collaborating and helping host communities improve their living standard is central and fundamental and not accidental. We believe this is not only about sustaining our business but about sustaining our core values and who we are. Hence, we ensure our project operations incorporate environmental friendly practices and socio-economic benefits to the local community.

The Founder/CEO Mrs. Elizabeth Jack - Rich Tein JR at the foundation's charity event

We believe society improves when everyone contributes and that no development takes place without a sense of commitment and contribution from members of the society. Our community engagement processes targets the socio-economic development of the people by empowering communities to eliminate poverty to engender enriched quality lives. We achieve this by providing financial support to local businesses and encouraging new start-ups among widows and orphans, facility and cash donations to the aged and orphans as well as emphasize self-development through scholarship awards and skill acquisition programs.

Program Coordination

Our programs are coordinated by the not-for-profit entity of the Group, the Elizabeth Jack-Rich Aid Foundation, EJ-Aid. The Group’s subsidiaries make contributions and donations to EJ-Aid while receiving support for implementation of their independent initiatives.

Name: Elizabeth Jack-Rich Aid Foundation
Service/Products: Community Development Non-profit

Need Help?

If your community has specific needs that falls within our target areas and you believe our effort can be used in a significant way for the ultimate benefit of the greatest number of people, get in touch.

Get Involved

We will be glad to receive information on any idea you may have on how we can impact a community in a significant way for the ultimate benefit of the greatest number of people. Or do you have information (facts and figures) which if placed confidentially in our hands could enhance our efforts at equipping communities for the future? Get in touch and we will be excited to start the conversation.

Also we will be pleased to work with organizations or individuals who are interested in our programs or projects and would like to support by volunteering or making donations.

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