The Elin Way

Our Way

A Top-Class Team

Our team of smart professionals operate and perform to world class standards across all our business operation and keep up with contemporary development and scientific updates/upgrades and best environmental practices to ensure timeous execution and delivery of services. We have clear responsibilities, duties and standards in our management, boards, stakeholders and operating units. These include our sustainable dealings with stakeholders, effective risk management and audit regulation, and transparent accountability and reporting. Elin Group adheres to a clear code of conduct and ensures effective communication at all levels.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish value for our customers, clients and shareholders by resourcefully pursuing new assets; managing company resources to their highest and best returns; and producing high-quality products and services while employing accountable environmental stewardship, all led by an experienced, result-driven management team.

Our Focus

What is important to Elin’s group day to day business:

Unqiue Capabilities

ELIN Group with its subsidiaries is capable of providing products and services and executing projects in the areas of gas-power utilization, agriculture, the whole spectrum of the oil industry, mining of solid minerals, aviation, and real estate development. Through our subsidiaries, we have the unique capability to undertake projects at our disposal.


We remain totally committed to the highest levels in health and safety and take proactive steps in providing a safe haven for our stakeholders and host communities. We believe in the wellbeing of our people and uphold the high standards expected of the group in leadership, teamwork and integrity.

Safety plays a crucial role for all production processes. The guidelines for the protection of employees are based on the responsibility for each individual employee and the ongoing risk analysis of all operations. ELIN Group aims to minimize adverse effects on employee health and the general operating environment and community.

Constant Innovation

In today’s world innovation is a buzzword. Elin Group seeks to go beyond the rhetoric’s and commit to a set of coherent, mutually reinforcing policies and behaviors aimed at achieving a specific competitive goal.

This we achieve by promoting alignment among diverse groups within the organization, clarify objectives and priorities, and help focus efforts around them. While we understudy industry changes and aim to take advantage of the opportunities they portend, we strive to create an environment where members of our team’s creativity is not encouraged but also guided to ensure their innovative efforts align with business objectives.